Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Project Cars  2 - It's more Va Va Voom than you know!

Can I just say that in my humble opinion and as not a natural driving game enthusiast, I actually really enjoyed this game. I am sceptical of a new title coming in a heavily saturated genre, where you have heavy hitters such as Gran Turismo, Forza and other games that seem to call themselves a simulator.
I don't for a minute think that Project Cars 2 is a polished article such as the aforementioned above "Simulators" it is however a hoot. I could lose a lot of hours in the career mode. It has so many paths and variations to complete it doesn't get boring at all.  The selection of cars is vast, even in the short time of having it I haven't even scratched the surface of this game. One thing I can say is that, it's not one for a family man game who has 80% occupied with work and children (20% sleep). It is a commitment to the hard core gamer. Like having a classic car, the career mode needs a lot of love and attention.

Speaking of the career mode. The Pit team element is great, it has simple mode which I love, where it asks multiple questions and then fixes the car, but for the Bernie Ecclestone's out there, you can deep dive in to detail and as I don't have an engineering degree, I dare not go there! The other great thing is unlike others where you tailor the car and nothing actually happens, with this one, when you change something such as the suspension or the handling it makes a difference. which then makes you invest more into the game. I think I spent more time in the pit than on the track, not leaving until I was happy with my amendments. 

Once on the track (of which there are so many it's incredible), the cold tyres and environment settings can drive you to despair but once you get your eye in and go for it, it is thrilling. The AI is great on the other cars such a mix of super good to aggressive, also some who are worse than you, all can be edited.

I have tried to dip my toe into all the areas, the Rally races are awesome as I do love a rally game growing up with Colin McCrae, but I feel the career mode is the best feature of this game, taking nothing away from the spontaneous racing you can do, for the pick up and play dads out there.
But what about the cars... 

So many to play with, all feel and act differently, the super cars such as the Aston Martin Vulcan are as bonkers to handle and drive on the game as I would believe they would be in real life.  I am currently driving a Ford Capri at the moment in my career so a long way to go before I upscale to the heavy weights but the wait will be worth it adding to my investment in the game further.

The graphics of the game and the cars are beautiful all the detail from the skins on the paint work to the tread on the tyres its wonderful. All the tracks are amazing also the level of detail on the ground to the surrounding scenery is lovely, a lot of time and love went into this game to try and make it stand out in a saturated market space.

Game play -
Once you get your eye in its a delight the breaking/handling and acceleration is 100% accurate and enjoyable.
The Frustration-
The only frustration is the time it takes to get to a comfort zone to enjoy the game. like I said this is an investment not a quick and dirty game play, saying that, now I am in a place where it just rocks I will  persevere to be the best.

Online -
Loads to do I am lead to believe but I am so happy with the non online at the moment I don't think I will be on there for a while. But that's for another review!

Over all loved it 4/5 is a solid score but I feel it may lose its way in the saturated market space. I am sure it has a solid fan base of which I am now one, but I have a feeling this will be the argument football fans have with Pro-EVO against FiFA but with cars.

Bigben and Eko Software release the pre-order bonus of RUGBY 18 will be released on the 3rd of November on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. 

Players who pre-order RUGBY 18 now at participating retailers will get a very exclusive in-game bonus: the 2017 British & Irish Lions team! The Lions is a legendary team uniting every 4 years the best players from England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland for a spectacular tour in the Southern hemisphere. For rugby fans throughout the world, this event is a unique occasion to gather and celebrate the values of rugby and some of the best talents in the world. This is one of RUGBY 18’s best teams, and will be playable in Quick Match Offline and Online.

RUGBY 18 will be available 3 November on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.
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Codemasters has today announced that F1™ 2017, the official videogame of the 2017 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, now features updated car liveries as well as several new features and improvements.

Patch 1.9 for F1™ 2017 is available now for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC and includes the much requested updated car liveries. Codemasters have released some brand new screenshots that show off the car liveries in all their glory.

The update also brings the much heralded Photo Mode to consoles for the first time giving players the ability to create, save and share incredible action shots from within the game. A number of enhanced Esports-related features are also included, the most notable of which is a brand new spectator mode which adds “TV-style” broadcast element on the left hand side of the screen. You can now showcase the current running order as well as various other statistics, such as: 

·        Gap to the race leader
·        Gap to the car ahead or behind
·        Positions lost or gained
·        Fastest lap times
·        Current tyre compound
·        In the pits
·        Number of pit stops 

As a spectator, you will now be able to control what information is shown. You can also see live timing for the car you are watching, fastest laps, as well as sector specific yellow flags. If you do not want to see any of this information as a spectator, though, you will be able to disable this as you please.

New Features Summary: 

·        New Spectator UI has been added to game.
·        LAN Mode has been added to PlayStation4 and PC versions.
·        New Grid editor available in custom multiplayer modes.
·        Photo Mode is now available on PlayStation4 and Xbox One.
·        Sports Update – updated car and driver liveries.
·        Sports Update – updated car performance levels. 

Please visit the Codemasters F1 Blog for more information on all of the new features and fixes available in the latest update: http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/10/sports-update-patch/ 



Today, Ubisoft has announced the ‘ACO Kicks’ collaboration with sneaker artist Dominic Lowman, of Carmeno Custom Kicks. Together, the video games publisher and Lowman have merged the worlds of Ancient Egypt and the influentialYeezy sneaker to create 16 pairs of bespoke, hand-crafted Assassin’s Creed Origins wearable sneakers, ahead of the global launch of the game on Friday 27th October, 2017.

The sneaker design takes inspiration from the historical setting of the latest instalment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise – marrying the modern world of popular culture with Ancient Egypt in a world first. The collaboration saw Lowman researching and exploring the ancient, in-game world created by Ubisoft’s development team in Montreal, before transforming and applying these themes into his bespoke Yeezydesign.

With a focus on Bayek, the lead character in Assassin’s Creed Origins, Lowman has produced a distinctive design available in white, and a black edition to reflect the overall design of the latest instalment in the franchise. 

Lowman, who boasts an Instagram following of over 60,000 ‘sneakerhead’ followers, said of the collaboration: “It’s been so cool to work with Ubisoft on designing the Assassin’s Creed Origin’s sneaks. For me, sneaker culture is a perfect representation of popular culture right now and it’s been amazing to merge this with a gaming franchise to create something that is not only wearable, but rich with history and a back story.”

Tom Goldberger, Senior PR Manager at Ubisoft UK said: “The collaboration with Carmeno Custom Kicks is a fantastic way to showcase the coming together of two unique creative industries. Through the collaboration, Dominic has been able to bring to life the lead protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Origins and to showcase the beautiful themes of ancient Egypt through his inspiring work.”

The exclusive sneakers will only be available to lucky competition winners. Details will be announced across Ubisoft and partner social media channels shortly, so fans can find out how to put themselves in the running to become one of the lucky few to own a pair of the one-of-a-kind ACO Kicks.
Set in Ancient Egypt at the time of Cleopatra, Assassin’s Creed Origins will take players back to the very beginning, as they discover the origins of the Assassin’s Creed itself. With an entire country to explore, from deserts to lush oases, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza, players will be able to uncover the lost secrets of Ancient Egypt, unearthing hidden tombs, exploring the Great Pyramids, and discovering the stories of mummies, the gods and the last pharaohs.  The game is a brand new vision for the franchise, embracing Action-RPG elements, where players level up, loot, and choose their abilities to customise their very own skilled Assassin. They will also experience a completely new combat system, allowing them to attack and defend multiple enemies at once, fighting against dangerous factions and wild beasts as they explore a gigantic and unpredictable land.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be available on October 27th, 2017, for the Xbox One video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 Pro computer entertainment system, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC, and on Xbox One X at its launch on November 7th, 2017.

For more information about Assassin’s Creed Origins, please visit assassinscreed.ubisoft.com.

For the latest about all Ubisoft’s games, please visit ubiblog.com.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Details Revealed

Conquer land, air and sea in the amphibious battles of the Great War! In Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, players can deploy into all-out war in a variety of maps and gameplay set across Gallipoli and the North Sea. The third expansion of Battlefield 1 will bring 4 all new maps, 6 new weapons, an Infiltrator Elite Class, L-Class Destroyer, C-Class Airship, a new epic Operation and more. In the new game mode, Conquest Assault, a twist on the signature conquest mode, attackers and defenders fight over key areas, exclusively controlled by the defending team as the match starts.

To learn about each of the maps, weapons and more of what players can immerse themselves in with Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, coming this December, head to the Battlefield 1 website here.


Today, Ubisoft reveals the Live Action trailer, “I Am”, for Assassin's Creed Origins, directed by Daniel Wolfe.

To the rhythm of Nicholas Britell‘s The Middle of the World, “I Am” tells the birth of a myth, of an idea transcending men, armies and countries. 

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be available on October 27th, 2017 for the Xbox One video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 Pro computer entertainment system, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC, and on Xbox One X at its launch on November 7th, 2017.

On The Charge: Official Call of Duty® Device Chargers Set To Deploy This October

EXG Unveils Two Phone & Controller Holders From Cable Guys

Launching on Thursday 28th October, EXG is excited to unveil two new Call of Duty® Cable Guys device holders complete with 3m long USB cable and adapters inspired by Activision’s iconic, blockbuster Call of Duty® franchise.  The device holder figurines are based on actual Call of Duty characters. Timed to the much-anticipated launch of Call of Duty®: WWII will be EXG’s 8-inch ode to the upcoming game’s lead protagonist, Ronald “Red” Daniels.

Additionally, for fans of previous titles in the famed Call of Duty lore, also launching will be a faithful 8-inch recreation of Call of Duty® veteran Simon “Ghost” Riley, who made his mark in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2. Each figurine will retail for $24.99/£24.99/€24.99 RRP as they pave the way for a line of other licensed Cable Guys to be revealed in the future.


“There’s nothing else like Call of Duty®,” offered Alan Fenwick, CEO at EXG. “The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding this November’s release ofCall of Duty®: WWII is incredible. We think gamers will find both Red as well as Ghost, for fans of the franchise itself, the perfect partners for the holiday season of gaming.”

Indeed, both characters can be used to hold and charge PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers as well as smartphones of all shapes and sizes.

Both Call of Duty® holders will launch on Thursday 28th October for $24.99/£24.99/€24.99 RRP.


The pop culture phenomenon Call of Duty from Activision is one of the biggest videogame franchises of all time. Scheduled for release on November 3, Call of Duty: WWII is a return to Call of Duty’s roots in an experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation.