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Razer™, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced its ongoing partnership with Microsoft will include development of new products for Microsoft´s record setting Xbox One™ console.

A suite of products for the Xbox One, including a controller, arcade stick and more, will be made by Razer, which also produced a popular line of premium accessories for the Xbox 360.

“Razer is dedicated to improving the overall experience from the games themselves to the player, be it console or PC,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “By working with a company as prestigious as Microsoft on a system as sought-after as the Xbox One, we’ll be able to accomplish just that. This is an exciting time for the hundreds of millions of gamers all over the world, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”
Products, pricing and release dates will be unveiled in the coming weeks. For more information,

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment offers free in-game credits as Injustice: Gods Among Us reaches one billion play sessions on mobile devices

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game has amassed more than one billion play sessions since its launch in April 2013.  To commemorate this impressive milestone, those who play the game from today through the weekend will receive 30,000 free power credits, the currency necessary to unleash awesome, over-the-top super moves.

The Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game is a free-to-play title available from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as on Google Play™ and Amazon Appstore for Android.  The title continues to captivate fans from around the world and has a player rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store.

Supporting assets can be downloaded at the following link:

Developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by award-winning NetherRealm Studios, and brought to Android by Virtuous, Injustice: Gods Among Us features a collectible card mechanic and engages players in 3-on-3 tag team combat that pits many of DC Comics most popular icons such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and more against one another.  Fans who also own the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® games and entertainment system versions will be able to unlock content in the console versions that is available in the mobile game, and vice versa, by registering for a Warner Bros. ID (WBID) account and playing the game.

The console version, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, is now available in the UK for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PS3™ system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Formats: iOS, PS3, WiiU, X360, Mob
Out: 04/04/2013 (iOS)
 19/04/2013 (PS3 WiiU X360)
 21/11/2013 (Mob)
Publisher: Warner Bros.

Lost Saga official site now open

Nexon Europe invites players to an open discussion! Are you ready to brawl?

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the opening of the official Lost Saga site ( ahead of the game’s Closed Beta Test in February. Featuring a host of details on the upcoming online brawler, users are also encouraged to visit and weigh in on exactly the kind of game they want to see.

With community-driven gaming at the heart of Nexon Europe’s ethos, players are invited to join the discussions on how the game should take shape and are encouraged to let their thoughts and opinions loose on what they think of Lost Saga.

Developed by I.O. Entertainment and licensed by WeMade Entertainment, Lost Saga is an online multiplayer brawler game like no other, incorporating over 100 well-loved characters from across time and space, 20 maps and a wide variety of game modes. Having enjoyed considerable success so far, the community already has over 2000 members and is waiting for more users to join its ranks and shape the destiny of the game.

“The feedback from our trusted community is what ultimately shapes our games and so is hugely important to us,” said Kenny Chang, Managing Director at Nexon Europe. “We’re lucky to have an incredibly vocal group of players across our titles too, so I’m happy to invite them all to share their opinions on our latest and most exciting title, Lost Saga. We all look forward to seeing what kind of game the players want to make.”

The CBT will begin at the end of February and the beta key registration will begin on Feb 6th. This is limited access, please hurry! First come, first serve!

The official site ( of Lost Saga is open from today and users can also take part in the game-changing discussion now on the Lost Saga Facebook page at

Lost Saga
Format: PC
Out: 17/11/2009 (online)
Publisher: WeMade USA
Developer: L&K Logic

Content inspired by DARK SOULS Community to be included in DARK SOULS II.
- 6 original shields designed by the Dark Souls community have been selected by FROMSOFTWARE to appear in Dark Souls II -

C Leading video game developer and publisherNAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. announced today that the anticipated Dark Souls II will include content inspired by the Dark Souls community.

As a conclusion to the ¡®Shield Design Contest¡¯ held in May 2013, renowned developer FROMSOFTWARE selected 6 original designs of shield created by the Dark Souls community in order to integrate them in the game. This extra content has been adapted from the original designs to blend in the Dark Souls II aesthetic and become part of Drangleic, the mysterious fallen kingdom where the game¡¯s story unfolds.

NAMCO BANDAI Games and FROMSOFTWARE would like to thank the talented creators of the selected designs: Denis "DasHurz" Bachmaier, Charles Collier, Illim, Gabriel Verdon and Alexandre Etiennes Jonathan Du Cass¨¦. They will be credited in the game and will receive a copy of Dark Souls II Collector¡¯s Edition for their amazing contribution.

As an extra reward, NAMCO BANDAI Games is proud to announce each of them will receive a real shield based on their design, created by the blacksmiths of Arm¨¦dia, a company specialized in the creation of medieval weapons and accessories.
In addition to the shields revealed today, two other sets of shields will unveil on January 28thand January 31st.

DARK SOULS II will launch in Europe and Australasia on March 14, 2014 on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft with the PC edition to follow shortly in 2014. To learn more about DARK SOULS IIand pre-order the game, please visit stay up-to-date withDARK SOULS II, please visit the DARK SOULS Facebook page

Dark Souls II
Formats: PS3, X360, PC
Out: 14/3/2014 (PS3 X360)
 March 2014 (PC)
Publisher: Namco Bandai

Take on the World in the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason International Champions

Today Rare introduced the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason International Champions, a global wake racing contest where players can compete on behalf of their country to see which player deserves to take home the gold. Since the launch of “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason (which includes the free wake racing trial experience) last November, nearly 1 million fans have downloaded the game and taken to the open waters to earn their stripes. Now, those fans can put their skills to the ultimate international test against the best in the world.

“We’re blown away with the amount of downloads and the great feedback from gamers ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’ Preseason has seen so far,” said Danny Isaac, executive producer for the game. “I’m so excited to see which country has the best players and who will ultimately be crowned the world champion.”

Starting Saturday, 1st February, players can compete to represent their country on the in-game national and international leaderboards by setting the best race time for their country and the world. When the challenge wraps on Friday, 28th February, the best contestant will be crowned the world champion and will receive an in-game gold-encrusted wake racer.  Additionally, everyone who sets the best time in their country will be rewarded for being a national champion and will get a silver-encrusted wake racer as a runner-up prize. Finally, to honour the nation that the world champion competed in, all the players from the winning country can celebrate by unlocking a special wake racer inspired by that country’s flag. There are also daily challenges for everyone to earn points and unlock prizes that are only available during February. All prizes will lead to eternal bragging rights when the winner takes these exclusives into the full game of “Kinect Sports Rivals” when it launches.

New players can join the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason International Champions fun by downloading the free trial experience through Xbox Live Dashboard on your console or via the following link: To participate in the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason International Champions and claim your place on top of the leaderboards, you must download the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub, a companion app that features these challenges, leaderboards, and prizes via the following link:

“Kinect Sports Rivals” will launch in spring 2014 and will redefine the popular “Kinect Sports” franchise by bringing fan-favourite sports back in re-imagined ways, and delivering new sports, made possible only with Xbox One’s all-new Kinect.  

Midnight City announces next two indie releases

Blood of the Werewolf transforms onto consoles with Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche bouncing onto Steam in Spring 2014

Midnight City, the recently founded indie label ofMajesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of games for the mass market, is proud to announce two more indie releases in the pipeline. Beast Game’s indie fan-favorite Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche will be fully optimized for Steam in late Q1, followed by an updated Blood of the Werewolf expanding to the Xbox Live online entertainment network for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation ® Network simultaneously in Q2. Tune in to Scientifically Proven’s livestream on January 31st to get a special preview of the game and meet the team!

Based on the wildly popular flash game Avalanche, Beast Games’ Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche builds on the core platform-climbing gameplay with a host of new features, adding more dimension than ever before. Players start out as a bouncy marshmallow character compelled upward by a rising tide of liquid, while a constant stream of procedurally generated items and breakable blocks fall from the sky. What starts as a simple climb soon becomes a challenge to survive as blocks can crush the marshmallow heroes if they don’t act fast. To aid players in their altitude-driven quest, unlock up to four item slots for over 70,000 combinations of special power-ups that help ‘mallows jump higher, move faster, double jump and more! On the ascent, keep an eye out for special chests to break and discover bonuses and valuable coins which can be used to purchase customizations and abilities. Randomly generated bosses spawn at specific altitudes on special platforms, punctuating the heart-pumping climb at critical intervals. Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche is planned to release on Steam in late Q1 2014.

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche
Format: PC
Out: Q1 2014
Publisher: Midnight City

Released to critical acclaim this last Halloween on Steam, Blood of the Werewolf is ready to transform onto consoles with fresh content for its debut. New game mode ‘Endless Challenge’ pits players against procedurally generated, increasingly difficult gauntlets for limitless runs to sharpen the player’s skills and compete on leaderboards. For the uninitiated, Blood of the Werewolf spins the tale of Selena, a loving wife, mother and unstoppable werewolf who races against time to save her son from the evil Victor Frankenstein. Fueled by vengeance at the sight of her murdered husband, Selena sets off on a blood-soaked rescue mission that spans 10 levels of platforming action with five intense boss arenas. Dynamic gameplay focuses on lightning-quick transformations from human to werewolf form by light of the moon. Along the way Selena faces off with a reimagined cast of monster-movie icons including The Creature, Jekyll & Hyde, The Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster. Adding to the challenge, players must seek out secret rooms and hidden areas scattered throughout the game to collect power-ups for their crossbow, werewolf powers and health upgrades. Blood of the Werewolf is a thrilling platformer that pays homage to the classics of days past and reignites the passion for mastery that inspired one of the greatest eras in video games. Blood of the Werewolf is planned to release on the Xbox Live online entertainment network for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation ® Network simultaneously in Q2 2014.

As a special thanks to those who purchased Blood of the Werewolf on Steam, Scientifically Proven will release a free update with challenge room content, post-console release.

Blood of the Werewolf
Formats: PC, PS3, PS4, X360
Out: 28/10/2013 (PC)
 Q2 2014 (PS3 PS4 X360)
Publisher: Midnight City

Blood of the Werewolf is ratings pending.
For more information, please visit:
For more on Scientifically Proven, please visit:
Twitter: @BotWerewolf

For more information, please visit:
For more on Beast Games, please visit:
Twitter: @BeastGames


Pre-Order and Pre-Purchase Bonuses Are Detailed for Latest Game in Award-Winning Franchise

Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that it will release The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition - a premium collector’s edition for the highly-anticipated The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition will be made available in digital and limited physical formats. Both standard and collector’s editions are now available for pre-order through participating retailers and pre-purchase from the newly launched online store ( 

In addition to the highly-anticipated game, The Elder Scrolls Online Physical Imperial 

Edition includes:
• Molag Bal Statue. A 30.5 cm statue featuring Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement.
• The Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel. A 224-page illustrated guide annotated by the Imperial scholar, Flaccus Terentius.
• Physical Map of Tamriel. A 53.3 cm x 66 cm printed map detailing Alliance-controlled zones and the ultimate conquest: Cyrodiil.
• Steelbook™ Packaging. A limited edition steel case decorated in the color of the Imperials.
• Exclusive Collection of Digital Content. 

Play as an Imperial: Become an Imperial and play in any Alliance. Gain unique bonuses, crafting styles, gear, and more.
White Imperial Horse: Summon this Imperial mount and journey through Tamriel with speed.
Mudcrab Vanity Pet: Explore Tamriel with a mudcrab pet scuttling along by your side.
o Rings of Mara: Complete the Ritual of Mara with a friend and receive an experience bonus when you play together.

The Physical Imperial Edition is extremely limited in quantity and available for pre-order through participating retailers for $99.99/€99.99/£89.99/AU$139.95.

The Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Edition includes the base game and all digital content outlined for the Physical Imperial Edition above and retails for $79.99/€79.99/£69.99/AU$119.95.

All those who pre-order or pre-purchase either the Imperial Edition or the Standard Edition in physical or digital formats will also receive The Explorer’s Pack bonus at launch, which includes: Scuttler vanity pet, four bonus treasure maps, and the ability to play as any of the nine races in any Alliance. 

Early Access bonuses will also be offered to those pre-ordering or pre-purchasing a PC/Mac version. A five (5) day early access bonus will be offered to those who pre-purchase the Digital Imperial Edition or the Digital Standard Edition through The Elder Scrolls Online Store. Additional early access programs are also available through participating retailers. 

The Elder Scrolls Online, developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise and will bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Players can choose their own style of play as they embark upon an epic adventure across all of Tamriel, playing alone on heroic quests as in previous Elder Scrolls games, exploring the huge, rich world with a few friends, or joining with hundreds of others in massive PvP battles to save the Empire. 

The Elder Scrolls® Online will be available worldwide on April 4, 2014 for PC and Mac users. Versions for the PlayStation®4 system and the Xbox One® will be arriving on retail shelves in June 2014.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Formats: Mac, PC, PS4, XO
Out: 4/4/2014 (Mac PC)
 June 2014 (PS4 XO)
Publisher: Bethesda

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


First DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts Delivers Epic Offering Featuring Four New Maps,
All-New Dual-Purpose Weapon, Iconic Horror Character Michael Myers and the Initial Instalment in Extinction’s New, Four-Part Episodic Storyline
For the Definitive Online Experience

Fans can Purchase the Onslaught DLC Pack Individually,
Or as Part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass Discounted* Bundle

Onslaught is here.  The first of four massive, Downloadable Content (DLC) Packs for Call of Duty®: Ghosts, the definitive online experience and #1 most played multiplayer title on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 kicks-off today.  Launching first, exclusively on Xbox Live for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, Onslaught features four classically designed, smaller to medium sized Call of Duty® multiplayer maps delivering the fast-paced multiplayer experience fans love, the all-new “Maverick” dual-purpose Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle and “Episode 1: Nightfall,” the first instalment in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction’s four-part episodic story that follows humankind’s first contact with the Cryptids.

"Onslaught delivers a ton of exciting, new content for Call of Duty: Ghosts fans to enjoy on next gen and current gen alike," said Daniel Suarez, Vice President of Production, Activision Publishing, Inc. "It begins with a diverse set of maps that personify that classic Call of Duty-style of fast, frantic and exhilarating action. It doesn’t stop there, because Infinity Ward and Neversoft have taken it to another level; whether it’s becoming Michael Myers from Halloweenas you pursue your opponents, to creating the first dual-purpose weapon in Call of Duty history, or crafting a new chapter in Extinction that introduces new characters and even a three-story tall Cryptid alien boss, Onslaught has something for all Call of Duty players and we're excited fans can finally get their hands on it."

Onslaught is included as part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass, which gives fans access to four epic Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Packs** planned for release this year – Onslaught,DevastationInvasion and Nemesis. Additionally, Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Season Pass holders get instant access to the Team Leader Digital Pack, which comes with a unique multiplayer character head, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, card and background.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught delivers a variety of new offerings for fans to dig their teeth into, starting with four new multiplayer maps. “Fog” is a chilling homage to classic horror films, set alongside the banks of a murky lake. Players skilled enough to pick up the map’s unique Field Order can become the embodiment of terror by donning the mask of Michael Myers, one of cinema’s most iconic horror characters of all-time, as the entire soundscape changes to the eerily familiar Halloween theme music.

“BayView” is a coastal Californian boardwalk that offers players fast-paced run-and-gun gameplay amid a seaside town. Clever players will be able to climb onto the map’s moving trolley to engage enemies, as well as call in devastating artillery strikes from the Naval Destroyer anchored offshore.

“Containment” drops players into a raging battle amidst a war-torn Mexican village, where the action centres on the crippled remains of a small bridge holding a hi-jacked truck leaking radioactive material.

Onslaught’s fourth map, “Ignition,” is a completely reimagined version of “Scrapyard” – the fan-favourite multiplayer map from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2, placing players into a deserted space launch facility with frenetic action amongst abandoned warehouses, flame trenches, a massive transport crawler and dynamic map elements that can take players out if they’re not paying close attention.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught also introduces the first instalment in Extinction’s new, four-part episodic narrative with “Episode 1: Nightfall.” As the initial foray into this single, connected story that will be told across each DLC Pack launch throughout the year, “Episode 1: Nightfall” takes fans to a remote research facility hidden deep within the Alaskan wilderness, where a small recon team must infiltrate the facility to find out what happened to the mysterious Nightfall Program. This expanded Extinction storyline introduces new characters, plus two all-new alien species and debuts an exclusive Venom-X weapon that pulverises the Cryptids, as players delve deeper into the story of what happened following mankind’s first contact with the Cryptids in Colorado.

On top of the new maps and first episode of the Extinction narrative, Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught arms players with a new, dual-purpose addition to the multiplayer arsenal with the “Maverick”. Outfitted with a lightweight wood stock, the “Maverick” can be selected in either the Assault or the Sniper Rifle class, depending on players’ play style and preference. 

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Formats: PC, PS3, WiiU, X360, XO, PS4
Out: 5/11/2013 (PC PS3 WiiU X360)
22/11/2013 (XO)
29/11/2013 (PS4)
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward