Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lost Saga official site now open

Nexon Europe invites players to an open discussion! Are you ready to brawl?

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the opening of the official Lost Saga site ( ahead of the game’s Closed Beta Test in February. Featuring a host of details on the upcoming online brawler, users are also encouraged to visit and weigh in on exactly the kind of game they want to see.

With community-driven gaming at the heart of Nexon Europe’s ethos, players are invited to join the discussions on how the game should take shape and are encouraged to let their thoughts and opinions loose on what they think of Lost Saga.

Developed by I.O. Entertainment and licensed by WeMade Entertainment, Lost Saga is an online multiplayer brawler game like no other, incorporating over 100 well-loved characters from across time and space, 20 maps and a wide variety of game modes. Having enjoyed considerable success so far, the community already has over 2000 members and is waiting for more users to join its ranks and shape the destiny of the game.

“The feedback from our trusted community is what ultimately shapes our games and so is hugely important to us,” said Kenny Chang, Managing Director at Nexon Europe. “We’re lucky to have an incredibly vocal group of players across our titles too, so I’m happy to invite them all to share their opinions on our latest and most exciting title, Lost Saga. We all look forward to seeing what kind of game the players want to make.”

The CBT will begin at the end of February and the beta key registration will begin on Feb 6th. This is limited access, please hurry! First come, first serve!

The official site ( of Lost Saga is open from today and users can also take part in the game-changing discussion now on the Lost Saga Facebook page at

Lost Saga
Format: PC
Out: 17/11/2009 (online)
Publisher: WeMade USA
Developer: L&K Logic

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