Friday, 29 April 2011

Video trailer for new Need for Speed The Run

Thought you would like a first look at the new Need for Speed coming this November.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: A new video trailer

Afternoon all,
Great lunchtime or Royal Wedding break viewing here, check out the latest released trailer for the soon to be on our consoles Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. This trailer focussing on the third film instalment At World's End. 
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game contains all the action, adventure and memorable moments of the Pirates of the Caribbean mythology (including the fourth film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ) in LEGO form, incorporating the humour of LEGO minifigures and fantastic worlds built from LEGO bricks and elements for players to explore. Players can take on the roles of more than 70 characters and experience the action-adventure gameplay and hilariously quirky LEGO cut scenes. Throughout the game, players will also have the freedom to explore environments from the highly acclaimed movie series in more than 20 levels.
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game will be released in the UK on the 13th May 2011 for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Wii™ console, the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems (including the Nintendo 3DS) and the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.


Legendary Director, George Romero, to star with Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo in blockbuster DLC release hitting in seven days

London, UK – 26th April, 2011 – Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and Treyarch revealed today that famed horror and action stars Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo have joined the cast of Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation’s zombie level, Call of the Dead.  The Call of the Dead zombie level and four all new multiplayer maps make up the second content pack, Escalation, for the record-setting gameCall of Duty: Black Ops, launching first on Xbox LIVE ® on May 3rd.  Dedicated to creating a Zombie experience like never before, the Call of the Deadstoryline is inspired by none other than legendary horror writer and director, George A. Romero, who also stars as himself in the new level.

“Our latest zombie creation, Call of the Dead, is unreal!” says Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch. “We set out to create an exciting new zombie experience for fans of the genre that takes Zombies to an insane new level.

“This is Treyarch's tribute to the legendary George Romero, who truly defined the zombie genre and whose incredible work has been such an inspiration to our team," says Dave Anthony, Call of Duty: Black OpsDirector.  “It was an absolute honour to work with such an amazing and talented cast whose passion and energy brought their characters instantly to life.  Fans are going to love this.”

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Earphone Review - for use with Nintendo DS and iPod / iPhone

So as I mentioned in my post on the 4th April I did do some work for Games Booth while on my recent travels, I tested a selection of in ear earphones.  I tested them with a multitude of devices including the Nintendo DS, iPod Touch and iPhone and in a host of environments including Gatwick Airport,  aboard a jumbo jet at 39,000ft, in a busy water park and chilling by the villa pool.  Each of the below ear phones had some great qualities which I've detailed below (along with their faults) for you to take a look at.

The earphones on trial were:
Jivo Elements -
Sennheiser - MM70  -
Logitech - Ultimate Ears 200vi -
Audeo PFE 022 + Mic -

First up were the Jivo Elements, these seem to be a unique set of earphones as they arrived in a totally recyclable, neat and small cardboard box.  They had been introduced to me by a friend who uses them because she said the fact that they were made of natural rosewood, which is often used for wood instruments, made music sound sweet.  So I thought I'd give them a go.

Jivo Elements
When connected to the iPod Touch they certainly did make 'sweet music' the sound was clear and good and for the most part the background noise was blocked out - even the sound of screaming kids in the water.   Next I tested them with the Nintendo DS, again the sound was clear, but as it was a lot lower bass sound and not a regular noise, I was easily distracted by the sounds around me.  

Although comfortable the Jivo Elements themselves are quite bulky when in your ear and seemed to stick out a little on me - which I was conscious of and kept trying to push them further into my ear.

Conclusion: For music lovers these are great earphones, especially if you happen to be a 'eco' geek. I'd definitely recommend them  for people who listen to music as the sound was very good, but for gaming they weren't the best in test. Also without a mic, they weren't tested with the iPhone (however they're not advertised as phone earphones).

Second up came the Sennheiser MM70 which were made for iPod and iPhone, complete with mic I was looking forward to testing these out, especially as Sennheiser are highly rated in the world of earphones.

I had a little play with these in Gatwick airport with my wife while waiting for the plane,  she used the Audeo PFE220's while I had the Sennheisers. We found a wi-fi hotspot within the Virgin lounge and set about making a VOIP Skype call.  I had to turn the volume up really loud to hear my wife on my earphones, but then she complained that I was 'shouting' down the mic. We decided to quit the call and wait to test these onboard with the DS and iPod Touch.  Luckily for me Sennheiser provided a neat little pouch and cable / storage board so that you can neatly fold away the earphones and carry them in a concealed pouch - they also provide additional ear buds too.

Sennheiser MM70
After a couple of hours on the flight (after the awful meal!) I hooked up the Sennheiser M70's to the iPod Touch and settled down to some easy listening, unfortunately the earphones didn't want me to have this, while I could hear the music fine, the artist seemed to be singing in a very muffled tone. (By the way I used the same playlist to test all the earphones and it consisted of a country song, an R'n'B tune and some chart music and I played the same two DS games with all review units). I thought this again might be the environment I was in, so back in my bag they went for later in the holiday.

Unfortunately I have to say that each time I tried to use these earphones I found myself turning the volume up to the max (whether on the iPod Touch or the Nintendo DS) because their seemed to be a constant hum in the background and the overall sound seemed to be muffled.  

Conclusion: I was really disappointed that these earphones didn't live up to what I was expecting (maybe that's the problem, maybe I expected too much from Sennheiser - although I have tried and enjoyed other earphones from them). They did block out the outside noise as promised, but seemed to provide a background noise of their own which could be heard alongside whatever music you were trying to listen to.  Not the best pick of the bunch. Sorry Sennheiser.

Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi
Next came the Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi, these looked like a cool pair of ear phones in their packaging. Definitely an appealing case when making a purchasing decision.  These were the first pair  that I ended up keeping in my ears for a long period of time on board the flight, firstly when connected to the Nintendo DS, I found that they blocked out all of the background noise - which by this time included a 'bored' six year old girl, who wanted to co-op play DS's and wasn't happy when informed that she couldn't on the plane due to being unable to transmit anything.   I could clearly hear the instructions and game sounds of the game and in fact I seemed to be able to hear them clearer through the earphones than when playing directly through the DS. I'm presuming this was because there was simply no other sounds to be heard.   The 200vi were comfortable to use and eventually I ended up switching the buds to the smaller ones and allowing my daughter to use them with her DS.  Logitech supply five alternative earbuds for use with the earphones which was great as I didn't want to share ear wax even if it was my daughter (and a plastic carry box for storage).

Later into the first week I managed to get these back from my daughter and decided to test them with the iPod Touch by the pool. Again they were  great, the music was clear and concise. The beats and the lyrics could all be heard and I had the volume level in the middle. They managed to block out 95% of the background noise and were comfortable to wear.

Conclusion: A great set of earphones, let down by the lack of mic - which meant I won't be able to use them for calls on an iPhone or VOIP calls on an iPod Touch.  I would, however strongly advise them for listening to music with or using with a Nintendo DS for gaming.

Finally I reviewed the Audeo PFE 022 + mic earphones, I'd never come across Audeo previously but I'll definitely look out for them in the future.  There's not a lot I can say about these earphones apart from that they are an exceptional piece of audio kit.  As I mentioned in my initial overview, the packaging was extremely appealing and fairly sexy. The magnetic front opened up to display the earphones.  Complete with changeable earbuds  - the only thing missing from this package was a storage po
Audeo PFE 022 + mic from Phonak
uch to keep them secure and tidy when not in use.

The earbuds were not the usual shape and are worn with the lead over the ear, they're initially a little awkward to fit into your ear but once in you simply can't feel them at all, they seem to be very lightweight and are extremely comfortable.  As mentioned my wife used these in our VOIP call within the airport and she said that  I could be heard clearly and that in fact she turned the volume down a little (because I was 'shouting).

I initially tried these with the iPod Touch playing music and 'wow' they do give a great sound. The bass of the music really came through and the clarity was crystal, I soon found myself lost in my own musical world and almost falling asleep on the flight (something I NEVER do)!

When connected to the DS they again performed well, the sound was great and clear and still I couldn't really fell the earphone in.

Conclusion:  These were the best in test (although the Ultimate Ears from Logitech came a very near second), simply because of the comfort of the earphones and the clarity of the sound. I can really see why they were given a five out of five by Stuff magazine when they reviewed them. A great set of earphones and well worth the money for them.

Well I hope you have managed to read the whole of this review and that I have managed to give you some insight into selecting earphones for use with your mobile gaming and audio devices.  I had fun testing them, but  have to be honest and say that next time I'll find a pair I like before travelling and stick to them.  One day wireless in ear buds will be created and wires will be a thing of the past, but for now I'll continue to enjoy the Audeo and Logitech earphones).

Saints Row: The Third - Screen Shots

The third instalment of the popular Saints Row franchise is about to grace our consoles, so prepare yourself to hook up with buddies from the Third Street Saints gang and battle the 'Syndicate' who want control the city of Steelport and want to remove the Third Street Saints from the streets.

THQ have released some screenshots which I've added here featuring a skydiving shootout, a massive tank battle on the streets of Steelport, and a showdown with a heavily-armed Mexican wrestling gang. 

Also below is a brief overview of the major players of Steelport who'll you'll meet in the mean streets:
  • Phillipe Loren: the cold, calculating leader of the Syndicate.
  • Zimos: an old-school pimp who hates Morningstar and what they've done to pimping, mostly because they ran him out of business and pimping ain't easy.
  • Killbane: leader of the Luchadores Mexican wrestling gang that has cornered the gambling trade in Steelport.
  • Angel de la Muerte: Killbane's former tag-team partner. The relationship did not end well.
  • Matt Miller: leader of the Deckers and specialist in high-tech cybercrime
Developed by Volition, Saints Row: The Third is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC later this year (I'll keep my ears out for any update on this).

Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control. Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen, igniting a city-wide war that will set Steelport on fire. 




Sunday, 24 April 2011

Battlefield 3 - My Life - Video

Here's the full 12 minute trailer for Battlefield 3 - have you pre-ordered your yet?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Game and Gamestation offer some great Easter treats!

The Bank Holidays will provide plenty of gaming time but, with money tight at the moment, gamers are looking for the best value deals on the market. GAME has responded by giving customers an early Easter present; prices have been slashed across the board, with headline offers including Xbox 360 250GB and Microsoft Kinect available at £219.99 (was £264.98), Microsoft  Kinect at £79.99 (was £119.99) and Playstation Move Starter Pack at £29.99 (was £49.99), as well as a whole host of discounted titles.

All of these deals are available at your local GAME or gamestation store and on both and here's a selection of the deals available!


So I return from holiday to discover that I can't play my beloved Battlefield - Oh how I've missed it - even had to play Laser Tag in the US just so I could get a fix of shooting my son! After some digging around it appears that it;s not just me (thank God for that). However, it's still very annoying. Here's the official latest word on the subject, I'll try to keep you updated.

Last night Sony confessed that an "external intrusion" caused the company to take-down the Playstation Network and also Sony's Qriocity service in order "to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward". However, they're not saying anything more, or giving a time scale as to when gamers will be able to resume playing online.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - Screen Shots and Trailer video

I've been sent some great screen shots for the forthcoming Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters game which comes out in June.  I've posted a few here alongside the full and finalised game trailer for you to enjoy. You can see further screen shots on the Games Booth Facebook Page.

I'm back

Hi all Games Booth fans,

After a glorious holiday in Florida with the family I am back with my feet firmly on the ground and ready to update you with all the games news.  I also saw some game news while in the US which may be of interest to you which I will also share over the Easter Weekend.

Also please let me say a big 'HAPPY ST GEORGE's DAY' to you all.  For those of you not aware of St George he is the Patron Saint of England. He's the most uncelebrated patron saint there is.. The Irish, Welsh and Scottish all support their saint but we simply don't... how wrong is that?

Anyway enough waffle let's get back to the game news.


Monday, 4 April 2011


Just to let you all know. I'm now on vacation in the US - don't worry I've got lots of games and accessories for me to test out while there.

I'll be testing earphones for use with your Nintendo DS these include the:

Jivo Elements -

Sennheiser - MM70  -

 Logitech - Ultimate Ears 200vi -

Audeo PFE 022 + Mic -

These all seem to have some great differentiators so i'm looking forward to testing them with the DS and also the iPod Touch on my travels.

Initially I am pleased to see Jivo and Audeo have thought about the packaging and how it should appeal to the purchaser.   The Jivo elements are a natural fibre box  - ethical and green while the Audeo is a smart,smooth, appealing and well thought out packaging.

Musiic Party - initial review

Hello Gamers,

Over the weekend my family and I settled down to an evening of family 'jammin'' courtesy of the new Musiic Party game which I mentioned earlier in the week on Games Booth.

The first thing you notice about this game is the brightness of the graphics, it's a colourful game  - which makes it cheerful from the off - that coupled with a 'promised' rock soundtrack!

In single player story mode you play both the Rock Band's lead guitarist and drummer as well as the 'roadie'.   In multiplayer mode you can play the various parts.

My first piece of advice about this game is  - MAKE SURE YOU READ THE CONTROLS! If you don't you'll come unstuck immediately! Anyone who is used to playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band may need to adjust themselves to co-ordinate the game play style.

'Guitar play'  - The idea is that you use the controller to strum and then the nunchuk to follow the directions on the screen.

'Drum play' - Use the controller and the nunchuk to beat the drums, one in each hand as you would drum sticks.

So the above sounds easy does it? Well  trust me it's not that easy to do. The guitar is fine not a problem but when it comes to the drumming tasks you have to be very, very co-ordinated to make it work and complete the song to a good level.

In between the song playing, you're the band 'roadie' and there's various task you need to undertake to keep the bands instruments tunes, the crowd and fans happy and most of all the band happy.  These tasks again challenge the controls of the controller and nunchuk but you do get used to them if you read the manual and use the other on screen graphics.

Our overall first impression of Musiic Party is it'll be a great game for when you're having a party, or for someone who wants to gain better co-ordination. It's a game which among friends will cause a laugh (especially of there's alcohol involved).  As an ongoing single player game it has its limits but overall we like the fun and interactive elements and the added bonus of not having to have extra 'instruments' lying around the house.

If you're easily frustrated or don't like to read manuals then it's not for you as you have to understand the controls to play this game. Also I would suggest that it's for older kids and families due to some of the complex routines.  We'll more than likely continue to play the game as a family on weekends, but its not a game I'd play alone.

A further in depth review may come in a few weeks when we've tested the game to the max.

So in conclusion if you're a fan of these types of games, then it's a welcome addition to your collection, if you're into family nights or 'home' parties then again go buy it! There'll be some laughs in the room when playing, aswell as some 'out loud' singalongs to some great, classic rock songs.

Enjoy this one and 'Rock Out'!

L.A. Noire's Achievements & Trophies!

L.A. Noire's Achievements & Trophies: List & Screenshots

"The Woman in the Window", one of 50 gold film canisters to find and collect for the 'Hollywoodland' Achievement/Trophy.
L.A. Noire features 40 unique in-game challenges to add to your Xbox LIVE Achievement Gamerscore orPlayStation Network Trophy Collection. Check out a few new screens below that illustrate these in-game accomplishments, and be sure to visit the Achievements & Trophies feature page on the L.A. Noire official website for more screens as well as the Achievement/Trophy icons. 

For the 'Traffic Stop' Achievement/Trophy, Detective Herschel Biggs fires from the passenger seat intent on disabling the suspect's vehicle.

Examining a clue like this golden butterfly broach will earn you the 'One For The File' Achievement/Trophy.

Phelps manages to 'Keep a Lid On' during a dust up with an uncooperative suspect.

L.A. Noire Achievements / Trophies

A Cop On Every Corner
Complete a single street crime case.

Johnny On The Spot
Respond to 20 street crime cases.

The Long Arm Of The Law
Complete all street crime cases.

The City Of The Angels
Reach 100% Game Complete.

The Up And Up
Complete a story case with a five star rating.

Shamus To The Stars
Complete all story cases with a five star rating.

The Brass
Achieve maximum rank.

Not So Hasty
Stop a fleeing suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.

Asphalt Jungle
Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective.

Traffic Stop
Disable a suspect vehicle with help from your partner.

The Straight Dope
Use evidence to prove a lie as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

One For The File
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

Golden Boy
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

The Plot Thickens
Find and solve an inspection puzzle.

Lead Foot
Keep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving.

Miles On The Clock
Drive more than 194.7 miles.

Wooden Overcoats
Bring down a total of 30 bad guys with head shots.

Dead Men Are Heavier
Shoot and kill a total of 100 bad guys.

Roscoe And Friends
Kill at least one bad guy with every gun.

Find and inspect 95% of all clues.

The Shadow
Tail a suspect without being spotted, in a single case.

The Third Degree
Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story case.

The Hunch
Use five intuition points in conversation with a single suspect, correctly branching each question.

Star Map
Discover all landmark buildings around the city.

Public Menace
Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.

The Moose
Tail Candy Edwards from the parking lot to her destination without using cover or going incognito.

Keep A Lid On
Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

Auto Enthusiast

Drive 5 different vehicles.

Auto Collector
Drive 40 different vehicles.

Auto Fanatic
Drive every vehicle in the city.

Find and inspect all gold film canisters.

Plus 9 secret Achievements & Trophies to discover come this May...

Here's this weeks Top 20 according to GAME

How many of these have you purchased this week?
All formats
Week ending 2 April 2011

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - the facts!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today release the full fact sheet for upcoming video game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.

UK RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2011
PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Xbox 360 and PS3: Double Helix Games; Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS: Griptonite Games
GENRE: Third-Person Action Adventure
PLATFORMS: Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Nintendo 3DS™, Wii™ and Nintendo DS™

Harness the power of the ultimate weapon! Inspired by the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures’ superhero feature film Green Lantern, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters soars onto game consoles this summer, extending the theatrical experience of one of DC Entertainment’s most popular superheroes. Playing as gifted pilot Hal Jordan, the first human Green Lantern, gamers will create an arsenal of ring constructs and take flight in outer space and beyond to restore intergalactic order. Players will use the Power Ring to build an array of weapons from green energy to defeat the Manhunters – an evil android race bent on destroying the Green Lantern Corps.

Packed with intergalactic missions, alien androids and out-of-this-world combat, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is an action-adventure videogame that delivers the Green Lantern experience right into the hands of gamers. For more information,


Enhanced Graphics and 3D Capabilities:

The Nintendo 3DS version of the game is designed specifically to take advantage of the system’s stereoscopic 3D capabilities and delivers multi-plane graphics that delve players further into the Green Lantern universe.

Xbox 360 and PS3™ gamers can play in anaglyphic 3D with technology that is compatible with all standard TV sets and visible while wearing the 3D glasses that come packaged with the videogame product. Fans can also enjoy the game in stereoscopic 3D when playing on any 3D HDTV while wearing active shutter glasses that are compatible with the television.

Master the Green Lantern Power Ring – Take control of the most powerful weapon in the universe – the Green Lantern Power Ring – and conjure a spectacular range of “hard-light” constructs including a gatling gun, giant fists, and much more, all of which can be linked together to form an endless number of combinations.

Team Up and Battle Together – Gamers playing the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions will have the ability to team-up and battle the Manhunters in seamless drop-in/drop-out local co-op gameplay as Hal Jordan or Sinestro.

Take Flight – Soaring across the universe in intergalactic flight, gamers will dodge past asteroids and blast through planets while destroying armies of Manhunters.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan – Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters for Xbox and PS3 includes the likenesses and voice talent of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.  

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Review of Jewel Link Chronicles: Legend of Athena

So for the last few weeks I haven taken the Nintendo DS to bed each night and played 

Jewel Link Chronicles: Legend of Athena (the third instalment in the chronicles, the others being Cradle of Rome and Candle of Egypt.

I say a few weeks as it's quite a long game.... although most puzzle game are long to be honest, which is the way games should be - especially those for handheld devices. 

The game itself is a match 3  game where you must swap adjacent tiles so that rows of three or more of the same symbols emerge. By doing this, you will collect food, building resources, jewels and gold, as well as magical artefacts to help you in your mission.

You play through stages of the game against the clock  - you have to play it this way otherwise it doesn't really become a challenge. 

The aim of the game is to rebuild Ancient Greece at the foot of the Acropolis.  In order to do this you  must acquire enough food, resources and money. This is done by completely various levels within in stage... the final level of each stage requires you to defeat a beast of a mythical nature, this is still a match 3 puzzle however you must match and remove a certain number of tiles which contain an image of the beast or threat.

By defeating the 'beast' puzzle you will be rewarded by receiving the blueprints to a building - this is where the puzzle style changes. The blueprint puzzle is a slider puzzler - you must move the tiles into to the correct place in order for the blueprint to be read correctly and the building to be built by the master builders that are helping you rebuild Ancient Greece. 

The twist to this game (apart from the slider puzzles) is the use of special 'icon power up' tiles  - by collecting enough of these you gain the 'power up' which could be a row removal bomb for instance - which removes a  whole row of tiles for you. Without the help of these power ups you'll never complete the game - certainly not in the latter levels.

As puzzle games go, this is no 'bejeweled' although it is just as challenging to be honest. What let's this game down is the quality of the graphics and the very 'long' repetitive nature of the game. On some of the levels the graphics made it hard to differentiate some of the tiles and therefore made the level frustrating to play.

Also on the review game I  was playing when you switched to 'relaxed mode', which is supposedly an untimed mode, the timer still reduced and therefore my six year old daughter was unable to play as she kept running out of time. 


If you're looking for an exciting, bright, colourful game then maybe something else would suit you a little better. However, if you're an avid puzzle game fan and are particularly fond of 'match 3' games then this should be added to your collection.  As I said it's a long game, with 100 levels, so you certainly get your 
money's worth of gameplay out of it.



Friday, 1 April 2011

Championship Manager Hits Facebook

Championship Manager Takes to the Field on Facebook

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, is delighted to confirm that it will be bringing its popular Championship Manager franchise to Facebook in selected territories via an exciting new partnership with Jolt Online Gaming & Gamestop.

Championship Manager for Facebook promises to take the features from the world's longest running football management game and  tailor them for the Facebook platform.

"Championship Manager continues to be an important franchise for Square Enix and we're excited to be able to bring it to new platforms such as smartphones and now Facebook," said Phil Rogers, president and CEO of Square Enix Europe. "We have found the perfect partner for this initiative in Jolt/Gamestop and we look forward to working together towards the launch of this new gaming experience."

“There’s nothing that rivals the enthusiasm of “Championship Manager” fans, “ indicated Mike Mauler, Executive Vice President of International for GameStop. “We're delighted to be partnering with Square Enix Ltd. and we look forward to delivering this outstanding franchise to gamers and fans in a new way.”

Lego Ninjago - Even Ninja's Have Off Days

Received this comical clip in this morning. It's great to see that games developers have a sense of humour and are creating 'bloopers' clips for games.

We now know why games take so long to develop... the creators are messing about with clips.

It's all good fun though, so enjoy this

In LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame, Nintendo DS players will build an army and use Ninja fighting skills to overcome sinister Skeleton adversaries in the ultimate 1-2 player strategy action adventure. Available April 15th, 2011 in the UK, the game is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Hellbent Games and produced by TT Games.