Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island Is Now Available

The Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island expansion is available now exclusively on Xbox One and can be purchased from the Xbox Live Store for £15.99. Forza Horizon 2 VIP owners will receive a 50 percent discount on the expansion, making the price just £7.99 for VIP members.

Here’s a breakdown of the new content available with the Storm Island expansion.

Dangerous Beauty
This expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 features a new location to explore, the mysterious and foreboding Storm Island. It features the most severe weather conditions ever seen in a Forza game, including fierce tropical storms and thick fog that will add an entirely new level of challenge to the game.

Storm Island has been built with the Forza Horizon 2 engine and infused with brand new technology that showcases the beauty of the world. New features like swaying trees in extreme windstorms and the rays of the sun cutting through thick fog bring the adventure of Storm Island to life in ways players have never experienced before.

Action-Packed Fun
The expansion features 90 new events with five new event types players can test their skills in, and all have been designed to bring the most out of both the driver as well as every vehicle in the game. These new events include:

Rampage events are point-to-point off-road sprints, where the driver will contend with obstacles and smashables (including the brand new smashable chicanes) before crossing the finish line.

Grab your favourite four-wheeled weapon and strap in for these off-road circuit races featuring extreme terrain, lots of obstacles to take advantage of, and new smashables to wreck.

Extreme Cross Country
Fans have played Cross Country events in Forza Horizon 2 but have never played them quite like this. With more extreme elevation changes, a variety of different terrain types, and strong storms to contend with, Storm Island’s Extreme Cross Country races are not for the faint of heart.

Cross Country Circuit
One sprint in a Cross Country race will get players’ heart rates up. But how about multiple laps? In Cross Country Circuit events, players will be taking on those same challenges in multi-lap races that will test both their stamina and skill.

These point-to-point races are held only at night, and are long and dangerous – with minimal signage to guide players during the race. Just completing a Gauntlet event is challenging enough. Victory will take a special combination of skill, bravery, and luck.

The Adventure Never Stops
In addition to new event types, Storm Island will include new items and locations to explore – including new roads and bonus boards, a brand new Car Meet, new Bucket List challenges, new speed trap and speed zone leaderboards, and additional Rivals events.

Players can head online to discover new content, including four new multilplayer Playground arenas, 20 unique online race routes, six Gauntlet events, three new Showdown events (accessible from the new Storm Island Car Meet location), and five online championship event types including Brawl, Rampage, Extreme Cross Country, Cross Country Circuit, and Mixed events.

The pack also includes five new iconic cars, plus a new barn find car. For players who enjoy upgrading their vehicles, new off-road suspension, tire, and transmission upgrades can be applied to any of Forza Horizon 2’s 200+ cars. In addition, new rally-inspired body kit upgrades have been added for a select number of legendary cars in game.

All of this content, plus 23 new Xbox Live achievements (adding up to 500 gamerscore points) makes the Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island expansion an amazing value for Forza fans.

For more on the Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island expansion, check out the livestream on the official Forza Motorsport Twitch channel, which will be beginning at 7 p.m.  GMT on Tuesday, 16 December.

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island Car Descriptions

2013 Robby Gordon #7 Speed Energy Drink Stadium Super Truck
Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Truck is built to conquer practically any terrain. Gordon started the Stadium Super Truck series in 2012 and won its inaugural championship title in 2013. Modeled after the stadium off-road racing made famous by off-road legend Mickey Thompson, Stadium Super Trucks crash, bash, and jump their way around real-life road courses and unique arena courses. The trucks are tube frame, full-race vehicles, similar to a trophy truck.

2013 MINI X-Raid All4 Racing Countryman
Since its introduction to the Dakar Rally – the most grueling off-road race in the world – the MINI X-Raid has been the most dominant vehicle in the field. With veteran driver Stephane Peterhansel – aka “Mr. Dakar” – behind the wheel in 2012, the MINI won its first Dakar. Peterhansel came back in 2013 to win again in the MINI. Both years the other three MINIs of the four-car team all placed in the top ten. Built specifically for competition in the Dakar, the MINI X-Raid is all-wheel-drive and is powered by a BMW twin-turbo diesel engine. These rigs are built to withstand the conditions of racing across a multitude of surfaces at speeds in excess of 100 mph, and these ALL4 racing MINIs are bespoke chassis and drive systems.

2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid
Ford continues its endeavors to win in off-road racing with its 2014 Dakar Rally effort in the Ranger T6 Rally Raid. Drawing on the proven expertise of South African Neal Woolridge, who beat out several American constructors for the chance to build this effort, Ford has gone to great lengths to deliver a true contender for the Dakar. Under the hood is a military dust-proofed 32-valve V8 – a la Ford Mustang – connected to a Sadev six-speed sequential transmission. The body shell resembles a Ranger four-door 4X4 but, underneath, the chassis and suspension are completely custom. Suspension travel and durability are paramount since this truck will be travelling at more than 100 mph across surfaces that most trucks would crawl over.

1981 Ford Fiesta XR2
The smallest of Fords was a success from the moment it was produced in 1976. While not the first front-wheel drive Ford, it is the first widely-selling FWD car for the company. Upon testing the waters with the Fiesta Supersport, Ford built the XR2 which brought a stiffened suspension and a 1.6-liter crossflow Kent engine. Given the already nimble and light base, the nearly 100 horsepower of the XR2 really got the party started.

1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
The Galant VR-4 was the platform that Mitsubishi developed its impeccable AWD system and, in the process, won no less than six rally championships. The VR-4 ignites off the line, cuts into corners, and brakes with precision. The engine develops potent horsepower put to the wheels via a center differential that detects wheel slippage and re-directs power to the axle with the most traction. Four-wheel steering engages at speeds more than 31 mph and turns the rear wheels up to 1.5 degrees to enable optimum turn angle and cornering stability.

Forza Horizon 2
Formats: X360, XO
Out: 3/10/2014
Publisher: Microsoft

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