Thursday, 5 November 2015

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Fallout 4, we’ve just released a new gameplay trailer!

Fallout 4 is the next generation of open-world gaming where every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home. 

Set to release worldwide next week on November 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Fallout 4 is the long-awaited follow up to the 2008 ‘Game of the Year’, Fallout® 3, and the first title from the award-winning team at Bethesda Game Studios® since the release of their global phenomenon and 2011 ‘Game of the Year’, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

For more information on the game please visit:

Fallout 4
Formats: PC, PS4, XO
Out: 10/11/2015
Publisher: Bethesda


  1. God why is everyone so ungrateful?! This and skyrim are both great games and to experience them in VR will be amazing. People really need to open their eyes to what Bethesda has done here like fallout 4 item ids , 2 AAA games in VR? I'd take that rather than a cheaply made zombie shooter any day. VR is the future of gaming and people need to start accepting that?

  2. I would rllllllly like to go adventuring around pre war fallout anytime without the bombs dropping and there is so much stuff I already wanna do and talk about I would leave u with a book bigger than the Bible
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  3. wow its spookey enough with creation