Tuesday, 2 August 2016

I loved the original carmageddeon game, mostly for its simple original at the time style, it's gory humour very much like duke nukem. Even then at the ripe of old age of 16 (!) think this game should be left alone and it will be a cast iron cult classic which in the future you can download it on the pc, play it and remember why you couldn't get a girlfriend as you spent most of your time mowing down innocent cheer leaders and 4 different sprites which were on an animated loop. In three cars types on four tracks, you know the basics.

Now move forward to 2016. Somewhere In a gaming brainstorming board meeting.

Some one who has clearly over dosed on nostalgia, or is on a performance improvement plan, basically someone who couldn't scrape anymore of the barrel for originality if he tried, necked his (or hers, but let's be realistic here) can of monster drink stood up and proudly announced "LETS DO CARAMEGGEDON AGAIN" after much deliberation, and money changing hands in underground carparks they put together this errrrr improvement? Bringing the game to the next Gen console? Utilised it's amazing graphic capability? Thinking of new ways to improve the game play from the original? ...... Or not.

It basically looks like a ps2/3 game it has so much going on the screen you can barely see what's going on with pop ups, it's like some bad Windows virus.

I know the game is a very lose racing game but the tracks are an exact copy of the originals. It's not even funny. It's definitely not clever. I wouldn't buy this game if you made me.

I am going to bullet point the pros and cons of the game below

The pro-

Okay got that over and done with .

The cons-

My daughter could have designed more imaginative tracks
Doesn't even scratch the potential of next Gen console
So dull
News night level of dull
Did I mention it was dull??
Nothing new at all
I am surprised they bothered with a multiplayer cos if I thought it was boring, I can imagine logging in, then driving on my own for a long time.
Graphics done by someone with IT SKILLS FROM 1997!

If the game designer needed a bench mark on remakes, look at tomb raider, look at hitman,look at the new resident evil. Bench mark against that, not Kirby on the C64.

I would rate this out of five but you can't go lower than Zero. I'll keep playing it when I want to remember why I didn't try harder at school, but If I want some high detail value for money no brainer violence in gonna stick with just cause 3.

Sorry to so scathing but it was that poor.

Also 1996 called they want their ideas back!


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