Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The havoc continues! Two new DLC packs for EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2025

Mutant Rampage and Beyond Despair are available now on the Playstation®Network and Microsoft Marketplace

D3Publisher & NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announced today that 2 new DLC packs for the action-shooting game Earth Defense Force 2025 are available.
Destroying massive robots, dragons and bugs will never be this enjoyable! All EDF2025fans will be happy to discover the new mission packs:

·         Mutant Rampage – 20 new mayhem filled missions where players will have to take on more massive dragons, robots and, of course, BUGS!

·         Beyond Despair – 20 new missions where the player will have to exterminate the dreaded Ravagers!

Get ready for action by downloading the new DLC packs via the PlayStation®Network and Microsoft Market Place

Earth Defense Force 2025 is available now at your retailers, via PlayStation®Network and Microsoft Market Place. For more information on the video game, please or Take a look at the latest videos here.

Earth Defense Force 2025
Formats: PS3, X360
Out: 21/02/2014
Publisher: D3Publisher
Developer: Sandlot Games

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