Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Jessica Chobot talks Titanfall tactics and tips with the Respawn team as she learns how to take out enemy AI using the Archer Heavy Rocket, the Sidewinder and the Smart Pistol.
The temptation is to move and shoot as you would in any other shooter, though Titanfall requires more vertical thinking. Rather than trying to duck and manoeuvre around an obstacle, the wall-running allows players to simply go over it. When fighting as a Titan, it is easy to feel invincible and become reckless. In fact, it is best to hang back and use your Titan’s strengths to deal with the task at hand, whether that is playing the objective or fending off an enemy Titan.
Pick the right tool for the job. If you are trying to take down a Titan but don’t want to get too close, use the Archer Heavy Rocket to lock-on from a distance. If you are caught in the middle of a firefight, then pulling out the Sidewinder to deal lots of damage quickly might be the smarter choice. If you find yourself on foot, then a good choice of weapon might be the Smart Pistol. The pistol can auto-lock onto targets which makes it easy to take out grunts with the flick of a button; a very effective way to rack up points in Attrition. Mix it up by trying the Smart Pistol from rooftops and in the air.

The quickest way to level-up weaponry and unlock the much-needed accessories is to focus on taking out enemy AI. The AI Grunts go down the easiest and often appear in large numbers. Spectres are a lot tougher but also provide additional XP and game points when taken out. If you can get behind a Spectre, then you can use the Data Knife to hack them and make them follow you around the map as your personal bodyguards. Alternatively, the Data Knife can be used to wall-hang by pressing and holding the left trigger when bouncing between buildings. This will cause your player to thrust the knife into the wall and suspend in mid-air, a move that your enemy certainly won’t be anticipating when they walk below.

Be careful when tackling the AI as they may be considerably weaker than human opponents, but they can still cause damage. Getting killed by a grunt is completely possible and can result in one of the most humiliating ways to go. If you would like to be the one embarrassing others, then try calling a Titanfall directly onto them. This instant kill can be achieved by looking at the area you roughly want your Titan to land and distracting them while it descends.
Formats: XO, PC, X360
Out: 03/11/2014 (XO)
 14/03/2014 (PC)
 28/03/2014 (X360)
Publisher: EA
Developer: Respawn Entertainment

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